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Your logo is not about you

It’s about the ones who support you. It’s the flag they fly to show who they really are.

It’s stuck to their bumper bars...

It’s stitched to their hats, shirts and scarves...

It’s painted on their faces...

Most corporate logos are just part of our daily clutter. Sports logos are different. People wear them. They live in them. They carry a lifetime of myth and meaning.

A good sports logo isn’t about making you looking good. It’s about making your supporters look and feel good; giving them something they can wear with pride.

If they love it they’ll buy into it.

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Anthony Costa

Anthony Costa is a designer specialising in sports branding. Anthony has appeared on Fox Sports News , 1116 SEN, ABC Radio and is an Australian Sports Commission Media Awards finalist. His work has been featured in The Age, The Australian, The Daily Telegraph and Sports Business Insider Australia.

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