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Trademark for New Melbourne Demons Logo Lodged

August 13, 2015
Melbourne Demons New Logo

Is this the new Melbourne Football Club logo?

The AFL lodged the design with IP Australia on June 16th. It could be a secondary logo. But Australian clubs don’t typically have expansive US-style logo sets. My bet is that this will be Melbourne’s primary logo next season. Or at least it should be.

It’s a strong and economical design. The lower arm of the ‘F’ flows neatly into the ‘C’, and its serif foot subtly suggests the red yoke of the jumper. The design is based on the club’s traditional monogram, which has gained greater prominence in recent times. However it lacks the grand flourishes of this original old world emblem. I think this austerity enhances the design and actually makes it look more historic ­– think of the Marylebone Cricket Club’s emaciated ‘MCC’. It’s distinguished and minimal, but not in a conceitedly modern way. The thin lines hark to a simpler, more frugal era. It’s a fitting feel for one of the world’s oldest continually operating football clubs.

Melbourne Demons logo

New logos are usually judged in contrast to what came before. The current Melbourne logo isn’t a favourite of mine. It’s a disconnected bundle of bits, smothered in surplus shading and bordered by a shield that bears too much likeness to Liverpool’s logo. The point of a visual brand is to make you look different, not derivative.

Melbourne Demons Liverpool

If the Demons adopt this new visual brand it will be the seventh logo change since the mid 70s. No other AFL club has toyed with their logo to this extent. This is a good design that gets to the essence of what the Melbourne Football Club is. It’s a timelessly simple mark that will not fall out of fashion. Now is the time for the Demons to commit to a logo and stick with it long term. Consistency is key to a successful brand. After all, it’s hard to trust someone who keeps changing their face.

A final thought though: A logo is a useful thing. It identifies who you are. But unless you have a clear identity the logo will mean little.

The New York Yankees have a beautiful logo, similar in style to this new Demons design. The elegantly entwined ‘NY’ is known the world over – not because of how it looks but because of what it represents.

The Yankees… Babe Ruth, Joe DiMaggio and Micky Mantle. The boldness of Steinbrenner. The awe of Yankee Stadium, old and new. 27 World Series championships. New York City. The Yankees are more than a logo, but it’s the logo that ties everything together.

The challenge for the Melbourne Football Club is to live up to their aspirations and their distant history. To my eye this is a more professional logo than what proceeded it. If the club raises its professionalism and creates success then this logo will stay around for a while. If not, expect to see something new in seven year's time.

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