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A job for Super Pro

February 2, 2015
Super Pro NFL Marvel comic

It’s been a tough year for Commissioner Goodell. The sport he loves is under siege. A hoodied super villain is hatching a diabolical plan to de-pressurise the world’s football supply.  Or maybe his gold-plated robo sidekick is behind the plot? Or the lone puss-faced locker room attendant with a minimum-wage payoff?

Whoever is behind the sinister scheme, it’s time for Goodell to call in the one man who can stop them: Super Pro (TM NFL Properties).

An ill-founded 1991 Marvel comic book cross promotion with the NFL, Super Pro follows the adventures of Phil Grayfield, a retired Philadelphia Eagle cum journalist who fights for truth, justice and matters of league integrity.

Super Pro says his powers come after a ‘once-in-a-lifetime chemical combination gave me enhanced athletic strength and endurance’. It’s amazing to think that the League front office approved this pro-doping dribble. Or that issue one accuses Brian Bosworth fictitious Raiders bad boy Tim Pressman of illegal gambling and links to organised crime.

Super Pro Tim Tressman

Described as one of the worst comic books ever by Wikipedia, the writer is said to have coined the series as a way to scam free tickets to games. Bucs tickets is about all he deserved. I’ve got the first four interminable issues. Throwing up on the page where Phil Simms plays League stooge probably harmed their resale value 

Super Pro Phil Simms

An odd graphic footnote to America’s Game, Super Pro is pure pop culture tripe. Will probably be a major motion picture by next summer.

Super Pro NFL marvel issue 3Super Pro NFL marvel issue 4

Anthony Costa

Anthony Costa is a designer specialising in sports branding. Anthony has appeared on Fox Sports News , 1116 SEN, ABC Radio and is an Australian Sports Commission Media Awards finalist. His work has been featured in The Age, The Australian, The Daily Telegraph and Sports Business Insider Australia.

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