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Football Code Wars: 1980 Australian Playboy article

September 2, 2015
football code wars

It's 1980 and commercialisation is transforming Australia's football codes. The Barassi Line between the south and the north is breaking. Globalisation is threatening Australia's provincial pastimes. The balance sheet is the new ladder of club success. This Australian Playboy article gives an interesting account of the era and the competitive tension between Australia's major football codes.

Aussie rules is expanding. League is on the back foot. Football has the kids but struggles to cut through. Union is a passive bystander. Thirty-five years on much has changed, but the overarching narrative is remarkably similar.

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Anthony Costa

Anthony Costa is a designer specialising in sports branding. Anthony has appeared on Fox Sports News , 1116 SEN, ABC Radio and is an Australian Sports Commission Media Awards finalist. His work has been featured in The Age, The Australian, The Daily Telegraph and Sports Business Insider Australia.

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